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Research & Development

LCPL has R&D division which is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. R&D division has dedicated scientists working in the area of development standardized herbal extracts and isolation of high value phytochemicals. Also our R&D centre has advanced equipment for carrying out advanced phytochemical research.

Organic Farming

We have organic farm which is located at Perambalur, Tamilnadu, India. It is the base of our sourcing. Farming activity starts from the Nursery – Plantation – Harvesting. All of it is done in a LACON Certified Organic field. We do not use any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.

Organic farming is a strategy for developing and preparing that secures, as opposed to exhaust, our normal assets. Rather than destructive chemicals, we and our Agricultural skilled team members use strategies like vermicomposting the soil, Crop rotation and inter plantation to control weeds and bugs.


In a competitive world, Quality has always been played an important role for company success and growth. We have quality control section for standardizing active constituents. We have latest advanced laboratory facility which enable us to control all final products with precise levels of active chemical constituents and consistent chemical profiles of standardized medicinal plant extracts.

We have sophisticated analytical equipment’s such as HPLC, GC to separate, standardize Phyto chemical constituents with high quality.

We perform Certification of Analysis (COA) for every batch. Our specifications include physical and chemical parameters, quantification of active compounds, estimation of complete microbial profile, residual solvents, residual pesticides, heavy metals profile, organic volatile impurities, related substances, Aflatoxins and Organoleptic Parameters. This provides a transparency that instills a confidence about LCPL in our clients.


Our experienced scientists, Chemists and technicians can create custom formulated Phytonutraceuticals, Skinceuticals and ISM (Siddha & Ayurveda)  according to your market desires and specifications.

LCPL also offers custom formulations, allowing our clients the ability to have proprietary product formulations. Wide ranges of custom formulations are available as liquids orals, suspension, tablet, capsules, granules and powders. They can be supplied as proprietary blend, finished product or finished private label.


LCPL offer packaging and private labeling services for your products. We can also help you with label designing, container designing and private labeling with detailed documentation on your product to help you market and sell your product globally.

Packaging Services

  • Blister Packs
  • Alu Alu
  • Sachet
  • Jar
  • Bulk Packaging
Technology Support
  • Custom formulations and packaging
  • Pilot scale studies
  • Analytical testing services
  • Identifying various herbs referred in ISM in Indian System of Medicine Herbal/Alternative Medicine
  • Product Development, formula optimizing, concept development and process technology Scientific supports like products documentation, Certificates and literature research Phyto chemical screening and Characterization of herbs Extraction of Phyto Chemicals and their analogues.
  • Isolation of phyto chemical markers and their analogues. Evaluation of safety and efficacy of phyto formulation and their analogues. Clinical Studies- Phase I, Phase II Development of new Herbal Drugs for Prioritized diseases.


  • LCPL manufacturing wide range of Phytonutraceuticals
  • LCPL is certified with latest quality certifications in the industry
  • Over 300 stack formulas
  • Quick commercialization
  • State of the art facility and top industry professional
  • LCPL offers best prize at reasonable cost

Contract manufacturing solutions

LCPL also offers contract manufacturing of Phyto Nutraceuticals, Skinceuticals and ISM (Siddha & Ayurveda) for various applications using modern techniques of science and infrastructure. We do contract manufacturing services for tableting, encapsulation, suspension and liquid orals. Liquid manufacturing services available for energy drink, herbal extracts and liquid vitamins. We do packaging services includes Blister packs, Alu Alu, Sachet, Jar and bulk packaging.

LCPL is a research oriented, trustworthy manufacturer/third party/contract manufacturer of wide range of phytonutraceuticals for various ailments. LCPL established in the year 1996, is committed to deliver high quality Phyto Nutraceutical, Skinceuticals, ISM (Siddha & Ayurvedic) products that are manufactured using latest techniques of science and infrastructure. In an effort to meet the growing consumer needs, we, at LCPL, are constantly working towards modernization of our facilities in order to provide the highest quality of finished products.

By good quality of our products, we make an effort to lead the way to a healthier society. A society without sickness and sufferings, LCPL offers the benefit of more than 20-years of experience in delivering quality and value.

As India’s leading Health & Wellness Company, we continue to create and manufacture specialty Phyto Nutraceutical (dietary supplements) and Ayurvedic formulations.

LCPL has been inspected and approved by latest quality certifications in the industry.